View of a waste water system

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Our drainage services include:
  • Residential & Rural Drainage works
  • Sewer and Stormwater Drainage
  • Sewerage treatment systems
  • Commercial Drainage
  • Site works & Excavation 
  • Camera survey and drain jetting.
  • Blocked drains
  • Plastic and Concrete water tank installations
  • Wastewater and septic tank installations

Sewerage Treatment Systems: www.naturalflow.co.nz

Living out of town often means complicated sewage disposal and wastewater processes. At EPG Plumbing & Solar, we’re making things easy. Our Hamilton team specialises in Naturalflow, an environmentally friendly alternative to septic tanks for your wastewater. We’re the only Waikato supplier of Naturalflow, so get in touch with our team if you’re interested.

What’s Naturalflow?

Naturalflow is a wastewater treatment system that uses natural processes to break down your sewage and filter water. It separate your blackwater and greywater as soon as it goes down the drain. The solid matter and scum filters into a chamber of tiger worms, effectively breaking down your organic matter into humus. As they digest the solid waste, they break it down by up to 95%. The water then travels through a series of filters and, depending on where you live, you can run the water through irrigation driplines to use on the garden or feed it out to your soakage field.

How is it different to a septic tank?

In a septic system, all of your wastewater - toilet, dishwasher, shower - goes into one big tank. Septic tank owners often find that scum and solids build up, resulting in unpleasant matter coming up when you pump out water. Septic tanks also have trouble coping with heavier than usual loads, resulting in less time for solids to settle and dirty, smelly water. Naturalflow eliminates this dilemma, separating solids straightaway so they never get a chance to contaminate the liquids. With worms constantly working away at your solids, there’s no need to worry about shock loading.

What are the benefits?

Naturalflow is one of the best wastewater and sewage treatment systems around - that’s why we install and recommend it. Benefits include:
  • Low maintenance - septic tanks have to be emptied and cleaned, but Naturalflow systems only need basic maintenance every few years (it is an ecosystem after all!)
  • It’s free to run - nature does all the grunt work. And, if you have a sloping section, gravity eliminates the need for power
  • Keep the garden watered - plant’s don’t mind greywater, so your Naturalflow system can be used to water the garden during periods of low rainfall (subject to the approval of your regional authority)
  • It doesn’t smell - you’ll get no more sewage smells when you dispose greywater into your soakage field thanks to our treatment process that keeps your solids separate
Installation of waste water system in progress
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